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Pawel Rosak - Exitos

Pawel Rosak Biography

Pawel Rosak is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Discovered by the late soul legend Ben E King while performing on the musical circuit of London. Within music he performs various facets, from producer, musician, arranger, vocalist and writer with artists such as Gerry Rafferty, Ben E King, David Soul, Chris Farlowe or Oscar Castro Neves, to name just a few.

Among his friends and collaborators on his albums There are renowned musicians, including the late jazz-bossanova legend Oscar Castro Neves, California saxophonist Gary Meek, renowned guitarist Hugh Burns, the Grammy winner and multi-instrumentalist Cuban Lulo Pérez, the flamenco jazz guitarist from Córdoba Chapi Pineda, an acclaimed Polish jazz singer Anna Maria Jopek, among others.